10 Things About Me

It’s been a while since I really introduced myself, so here are ten facts about me!

1.) I love to cook!  I was pretty useless at cooking until three and a half years ago, when I met Neil.  His passion for cooking really rubbed off on me, and I love collecting cookbooks and trying new recipes.  My favourite recipe at the moment is katsu chicken curry and jasmine rice… yuuum.

2.) I have three tattoos, with three more planned for 2021 alone. I caught the tattoo bug last year, and love how empowering it is to put art on my body.  I’m working on two sleeves simultaneously – a Studio Ghibli, Japan-inspired sleeve, and also a more general, pretty floral one!

3.) I have a lovely Cocker Spaniel called Flynn, and we have another little fur baby on the way!  A dog has really completed our little family, and we can’t wait to give him a baby sister to play with.

4.) I have been blogging for over 6 years! I never get sick of it, even if my content has changed over the years. It’s my little cosy corner of the internet where I can share and review my passions, and I’m so proud that I’ve stuck it out.

5.) I’ve worked in public libraries for over 6 years now too. I’ve had some incredible experiences in my job, and hope I can continue working there for many more years, making positive differences to people’s lives, and of course, sharing my love of reading with people of all ages!

6.) I love being creative. I enjoy dabbling in all sorts of arts, crafts and creative outlets, from embroidery, to painting, to journaling.  Even just blogging and managing my website is a fun way of expressing myself creatively.  I’m no Van Gogh, but I think there is a lot to be gained from creating art.

7.) I’m madly in love.  I talk about Neil a lot on this blog, as he’s such an advocate for everything I do. He has so much faith in me, and I’m always my best self around him.  After having my heart badly broken when I was in my early 20s, Neil mended every bit of cynicism I carried about relationships, and now I’m a big ol’ softie who loves love.

8.) I collect board games. I have almost 100 now in my collection, and it has been such a fun way of meeting new people over the last few years.  My favourite games are Sub Terra, Clank! and Dice Hospital.

9.) Visiting Tokyo for 10 days is one of my favourite memories from young adulthood.  I would like to travel abroad more, but most of our trips (gigs, seeing family and friends, etc) usually keep us in England.  My travel dream is to show Neil everything I loved about Tokyo, and revisit some of my favourite spots.  We did have a Ja-plan in motion and then Covid hit, so that one is on the back burner for a while!

10.) I love making videos.  Lockdown gave me the opportunity to make a lot of digital content for work, and I discovered that I really, really like making videos.  I now have a YouTube where I post let’s play videos, some with commentary and some without.  I’d love to explore incorporating books and board games into the channel, so watch this space…

What would you share about yourself?

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