2015 Round-Up

On the seventh day of Bookmas…

We’re now just over halfway through the Twelve Days of Bookmas, which also marks the end of the year.  I feel like Wandering Words has really found its identity this year, and is closer than ever to how I envisaged it when I bought the domain in 2014, moving over to WordPress in 2015.  I’m looking forward to it growing even more in 2016!


So, just to bring the year to a close, here are some Wandering Words blog highlights for 2015:


First Lines Fridays

2015 saw the introduction of my first weekly meme, First Lines Fridays.  The idea was to create a fun weekly post which would give readers the chance to have a taste of a book without being influenced by factors like title, cover, author, etc.  I have loads of fun doing the posts, and finding books with particularly brilliant first lines.  My favourite so far has to be from 17th July, with the quite sinister-sounding:

“Somebody stabbed you in the neck, young lady.”

MCM Comic Con

comic con

One of the first posts I did on Wandering Words was a post about comic conventions, and my October 2015 post can be found here.  I have almost lost count of how many times I have been to MCM Comic Con in London now, but I always appreciate the opportunity to attend, especially as this year I was able to see a friend I usually only see once every couple of years!  The price is creeping up every year, and with other trips starting to take priority, I don’t know when I will be able to go again.

Words & Geeks Book Club

Whilst catching up with Emily from The Geek Undergraduate over the summer holidays this year, we came up with the idea of a bookish collaboration, since we both enjoyed discussing books with each other.  Thus, the Words & Geeks Book Club was born!  Juggling it with work and university has been a struggle at times, but it has been an exceedingly fun occasional addition to the blog.

Book Challenges

I’ve really got stuck into book challenges this year.  Next year, I won’t set myself as many reading goals, and will make a point of reading more for leisure rather than to hit targets.  Even so, I did exceed my Goodreads 50 Books Challenge goal for 2015, though I can honestly say I wouldn’t have stood a chance if not for the sheer volume of graphic novels I have devoured through the latter half of the year.  I also ended up being defeated by the 2015 Reading Challenge.  I just felt it was too tricky, for example, ‘A book you were supposed to read in school but didn’t’ proved impossible since I always read what needed to be read in school.  I think I was just too lazy to think of imaginative solutions to these more awkward categories…

I’ve also done a lot of exciting things outside of the blogging world:

  • I saw Paolo Nutini, All Time Low, You Me At Six and Walk The Moon perform live
  • I visited Bristol to see Wicked, and visited London to tour the Harry Potter Studios
  • I wrote over 50,000 words in a collaborative writing project (more on this in 2016, hopefully!)
  • I finished my degree with a 2.1 (hooray!)
  • I booked my flight to Japan!

So, to all my followers, new and old, I wish you all a happy new year!

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