28 Things Before 28

The end of my 26th year was pretty weird – having had to cancel all of my plans, my priorities shifted, and I actually just really enjoyed exercise, gardening, working from home and, er, Animal Crossing.  The exciting thing is that all of those plans have been rescheduled for 2021, making ’21 a freakishly busy year!

Can you believe I started doing these lists when I was 24 – where does the time go?!  I love seeing what I was doing back then, funny how quickly life moves on and different things become important.  That ‘fell in love’ at the end of my 25 Things Before 25 list is now living with me, with a deposit on our first puppy together.

As usual, I’ll update this list over the next 12 months.  Here’s hoping for a “normal”, healthy 27th year ahead!

1.) Attended an online literary festival

2.) Brought home our lovely pup, Flynn!

3.) Had our household grow a little bigger… my sister, her partner and a handful of chickens moved in!

4.) Started puppy classes with Flynn, and learnt a lot despite grumbling at the start about having to go!

5.) Finally visited Neil’s hometown, and met his school friends and family for the first time <3

6.) Spent a day walking around the beautiful city of Cambridge (I’d never visited before!)

7.) Took up embroidery after being inspired by the designs I was seeing all over Instagram

8.) Celebrated Neil’s 30th birthday! <3 We spent the afternoon starting to build the Lego NES I’d bought him

9.) Had a creative project at work praised by a visiting teacher that led to it being sent out of county for schoolchildren to enjoy – I’m so proud!

10.) Started playing Divinity: Original Sin 2 with some friends

11.) Got introduced to True Crime by someone at work – became totally obsessed with True Crime TV and podcasts

12.) Was a judge for the 500 Words competition. The theme this year was Black Lives Matter, so it felt amazing to be a part of it.

13.) Got my first ever tattoo – I LOVE it!! I’m already planning my next one…

14.) I started running with the Couch to 5km app.

15.) Joined a choir (who meet on Zoom currently, which yes, is as weird as it sounds!)














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