29 Things Before 29

I’m 28 now! Which is actually fine because I spent most of the last year confusedly thinking I was already 28, so this birthday feels like a bit of a freebie! I’m all vaccinated, which is a huge step forward from when I started my list last year, when Covid was still so new and I had no idea just how disrupted life would be for the next 12 months.

For my 28th year, I hope we will be ready to start house-hunting for somewhere to buy, and get a little sister for Flynn. I’m so in love and happy, and genuinely hyped about entering my 30s in two years time. Anyway, here’s to another year of making memories ♥ Like usual, I’ll add the highlights below – the good, the bad and the ugly, but all big moments that will shape me this year.

1.) Attended a virtual Art Sippers evening with my family!

2.) Saw a bee swarm! Scary and exciting, the bee keeper told us we should never forget it as it is such a special moment of nature to witness 🐝

3.) Bought our beautiful new puppy, Skye.

4.) Suffered a 4mm corneal abrasion… not exactly something to celebrate, but it was eye-opening (hurr hurr) to spend two days with my eyes swollen shut! My Gran’s favourite motto has always been “it’s better than a poke in the eye with a stick!”. I’m sure going to take that literally from now on…

5.) Got sunset hair at the hairdressers!  Red into orange into yellow – I love it!

6.) Went to Cardiff to see the Nova Twins, You Me At Six and (for the first time) Bring Me the Horizon. Best. Show. Ever.

7.) Had a bunch more tattoos! My current favourite is my Princess Mononoke on my shin.

8.) Submitted my manuscript for The Reapers to literary agents for the first time… eep!!

9.) Saw Sleep Token perform – a new favourite (I even bought a tee!)

10.) Played a new game called Alice is Missing – my first text-based ‘silent’ roleplay game! I had a lot of fun and it has become a very fond memory that I wrote a post about.

11.) Ran a stall at a Christmas market

12.) Helped organise the biggest event my work has ever done… we raised hundreds of pounds and had around 600-700 people through the door!

13.) Was interviewed by a journalist for a local paper… and was published in a wonderful article about a project I had worked on!

















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