5 Small Business Owners I Have Supported This Year

I won’t lie, I’ve gone pretty hard on the old retail therapy over lockdown.  I’ve spent a lot of time exploring creative YouTubers and Instagrams, and it has made me super appreciative of small-time creative talent and businesses.  I’ve been doing a bit of my own too – making pompoms has been my stress relief over the last few months, which has basically led to my house being covered in tiny colourful balls.  Anyway, enough about me.  Here are five small business owners that I have just fallen in love with this year – they’re fun, whimsical and just damn right talented!

Katie Abey


Image from https://www.etsy.com/uk/shop/KatieAbey

I discovered KatieAbey’s art only recently when YouTuber Cherry Wallis posted this video about visiting her magical-themed shop, Punnydukes. I was about ready to jump in the car to go there before realising it is so far away from my house. Luckily, the owner has her own Etsy store, and I enjoyed filled my basket with cheeky gifts for myself and Neil (if he doesn’t wear the I F*cking Hate People socks, then I certainly will!). I also picked up some fun fridge magnets, a couple of coasters (see Dumblewhore above), and a cute dinosaur bandanna for Flynn, because it turns out I’m one of those dog owners.

Kelly Lou


Image from https://www.kellylou.co.uk/

I’m a big fan of Wizarding World merch, and I absolutely love it when artists take the franchise and completely put their own spin on it. I love Kelly Lou’s style, and had been waiting eagerly for her shop to reopen mid-July. The minute it did, I bought four pins, five stickers and a washi tape – oops!  I’ve also backed her Disney Pixar pin collection on Kickstarter. Somebody needs to stop me!

Realm One


When I was looking for birthday presents for Neil this year, my hunt for the perfect World of Warcraft gift had me stumbling upon RealmOne on Etsy. They make high quality apparel like t-shirts and jewellary, and gift items like mugs and coasters too. Their designs are simple – mostly text-based – but I love how mainstream and sophisticated they have presented a game that is usually advertised in garish fantasy figures and shining armour! I’m not particularly a fan of monsters and merlocks on a t-shirt, but I love the way their brand offers a subtle alternative. I bought Neil a Warlock t-shirt and then just couldn’t resist throwing in a few mugs and a Frost Mage tee of my own!

The Gallery Wall


The Gallery Wall is an independent online gallery selling prints of a witchy and supernatural nature. They had a ‘buy 3 get 1 free’ offer on recently, so I took the plunge and bought four gorgeous prints.  There are already another three or four I want from their shop, especially as they share so many artsy shots on Instagram of the creative ways people have hung their prints.  It gives me wall envy!

Geeky Clean


I first heard about Geeky Clean when I saw them at MCM Comic Con a billion years ago.  I just love how creative they are with their products, with health potion soap bars, and bath bombs with entire dice sets inside.  They also have cosplayers posing with the products on their website, which is just so fun.

Which small business owners are you loving at the moment?

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