642 Things: A piece of clothing you keep just for the memory

This writing prompt is from the book 642 Things To Write About.

A piece of clothing you keep just for the memory

In my chest of drawers, squashed under undergarments, diaries and photographs – the usual treasure trove that accumulates in a drawer after a number of years – there nestles a pair of ballet shoes.  Of course, they don’t fit me anymore.  I look at them and they don’t trigger some epic film moment, where my whole life flashes before my eyes, but they do prompt a series of memories from my childhood, and a very important decision that I made.

I laugh at the prospect now, but when I was a child my parents sent me to a dance school for ballet lessons on a Saturday morning.  I was a petite and blonde thing when I was younger, and enjoyed dressing up as princesses and fairies in sparkly plastic heels, waving cheap magic wands.  Perhaps my parents thought the pink tutus of the dance studio were the next natural step for someone like me.  I don’t know if I enjoyed it or not; was I as reluctant to participate in clubs then as I am now?

I left ballet to spend more time with my brother, much to my parents’ dismay; they attempted to change my mind but I was adamant I wanted to leave.  I sacrificed the 99 Flake ice-cream that my Dad bought me after each lesson so that I could build Playmobil cities with my brother and then crush them with the mighty power of the terrifying Dr. Evil.  I suppose you could argue that those games set a trend for my interests that would develop over the following decade and a half.  Let’s just say that I never wore my ballet shoes again.

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