A Month In Pictures: September

I swear the most common phrase out of my mouth these days is, “where did the time go?”  September just happened – I had to flick through my diary just to remember what I did last week, let alone at the beginning of the month.  I feel this is the time where some people talk about slowing down, being mindful about things, but actually I’m enjoying the whirlwind of a busy schedule.  Plus, it makes me sleep really, really well at night!

Reading in September…

If you saw my Clearing the TBR and Starting Afresh post a few weeks ago, you’ll know that I was feeling overwhelmed by having so many books piled up to read, and it was beginning to affect my enjoyment levels.  So, I cleared the olde TBR away for good, and just picked up one, new book that I could enjoy at my own pace.

A Dictionary of Mutual Understanding

That book was A Dictionary of Mutual Understanding by Jackie Copleton.  It is the closest I have come to un-put-down-able with a book in a long, long time.  The story is about a family broken apart by the bombing of Nagasaki in World War II.  That part of our human history really fascinates and scares me, so reading about a Japanese family trying to survive – both mentally and physically – after that time, is really very moving, and at times, chilling.  I like that despite the bombing being a catalyst for many of the events of the book, the secrets that led to fractures in the family were apparent even before the war.

Gaming in September…

World of Warcraft

It happened; I finally did it.  I subscribed to World of Warcraft!  Meet Shoganai, the Undead Warlock.  I chose the name because I liked that it meant that something was unavoidable, about having to accept your Fate – I thought it tied in almost ironically with how the Undead were created.

I had dabbled in WoW years ago (maybe even a decade ago now), but Neil and I had been talking about playing together for a while, so one weekend we created new characters and got started.  MMOs have always intimidated me, because I always worry about screwing up, but Neil has been playing for over ten years, and has been training me up to not be too rubbish!  I did have one bad experience with someone being an idiot to us in a dungeon, but mostly I have realised that the trolls are a minority, and actually everyone thinks they are stupid anyway, so they just aren’t worth worrying about.

Life in September…


I went out mid-September to celebrate a friend’s birthday.  We went bowling, played some pool and then had a three course dinner at Chiquitos, one of my favourite restaurants at the moment.  I went for the street food option for the first time, ordering quesadilla bites, a mini burrito and crispy chicken tacos.  So delicious.

Gran's Birthday

I managed to visit home this month too for another birthday – my Gran’s.  We had a Chinese takeaway, a big slice of cake, and a good old catch up.


I also got to visit Cookie, who is being looked after by my sister for a few weeks while my schedule is so manic!  She was, of course, thrilled to join in with the party celebrations.  Though unfortunately, my dog wanted to eat her…

Jasper Dog

Yo Sushi

September in general was actually quite food-orientated with the number of birthdays and social gatherings I attended.  I ate an awful lot of food at Yo Sushi! last week, as most of their dishes were only £2.90.  I even used chopsticks (semi-successfully) for the whole meal!

Knitted Teddies

Work is going pretty great at the moment.  We have been working like crazy to pull off all the events we have coming up, and actually got nominated for an award recently too.  I’ve also requested a slight tweak to my hours, in the hope of finding that work-life balance sweet spot.  I get such a buzz from working, but want enough energy to enjoy seeing friends and family too!

How was your September?

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