A Time of Change

Hey, something’s different around here…

Yep, you might have noticed a change or two around here.

I started Wandering Words in my early 20s, and so have been doing this blogging thing now for over half a decade. When I started Wandering Words, I fell in love with the book blogging community, and am still a huge fan of some of the blogs I first discovered all those years ago. I can also see that many of those blogs have changed; people have had families, changed jobs or location, and have grown to love new hobbies over the years.

I really identify with those changes too – I started Wandering Words in a job I left years ago, with a partner I haven’t been with now for years, inspired by people that I don’t actually get to see that much anymore. I’ve enjoyed watching that personal journey through the experiences I have posted about over the years, and that’s why I think, at the turning of this new decade, it is time to make sure that Wandering Words is representing who I am now.

I’ve always adored the art on this blog, but I just don’t relate to that quiet reader/writer anymore.  My life now is bigger, louder, a bit more colourful, and I think it’s important for my online space to reflect that.

I’ll always have my Wandering Words mug to remember this old thing!

I spent some time searching for an artist to assist me with a re-vamp, and discovered the amazing Ruth Young.  I honestly didn’t think there was an art style more fitting to the Wandering Words of this new decade, and immediately messaged her to ask if she would be willing to work with me on my vision. You’ll still be seeing the same old content – book reviews, geeky lifestyle posts, board games, creative writing.  It will just be done with a bit more character and colour, and I think I’ll feel a bit more at home here again.

You’ll notice a few changes around here as a result of the new artwork. First Lines Fridays now comes with a new banner, just to keep it more in line with the blog:

And my social media will also be updated – I now see someone who looks like me, and that makes me feel so much more connected to what I’m doing online with Wandering Words.

I’m really pleased with the changes – and I hope you’ll like them too!

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