Addictive Podcasts I’ve Been Enjoying Lately

Podcasts have been my utter weakness this year. Any spare five minutes I manage to grab – the commute home, cooking dinner, washing up – I’ve been jumping onto Spotify and devouring the latest episodes of my favourite shows.

Here are the shows I haven’t stopped listening to in 2020, and which I owe my sanity to during this bizarre year. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do:


A recent recommendation from a work colleague has led me down the dark and gripping rabbit hole that is True Crime. A show presented by two crime junkies (hence the title), each episode tackles a different mysterious disappearance or notorious serial killer.

The main host, Ashley Flowers, is an exceptional storyteller, perfect at building suspense and laying down the facts without getting sidetracked by chit-chat. I have poured many hours of listening into these true crime stories, and grow increasingly horrified by the shocking corruption and cruelty of the human race with each episode.

Recommended listening: WANTED: Killer On The High Bridge


Moving away from the evils of humanity and onto my favourite podcast, unbeatable in all the two or three years I have been an avid podcast listener.

No Such Thing As A Fish is a show about facts. Delivered by four fact researchers for the game show, QI (or ‘that TV show by Stephen Fry’), the podcast is smart and full of hilarious banter and comedy. I’ve yet to find a show where the presenters gel quite so brilliantly, making them an easy listen for any occasion.

Recommended listening: Episode #38 No Such Thing As A Super Mario Love Hotel (though, to be honest, every episode is amazing)


This is quite a new podcast to my list, with the first episode airing just this year. The show is presented by chefs from Good Mythical Morning, and pose important mind-bobbling questions like “which was eaten first, chicken or eggs?” and “are pop tarts ravioli?”. I like the fun banter between the hosts, and hearing people talk about food always makes me hungry…

Recommended listening: Does Pineapple Belong On Pizza?


I had taken a bit of a hiatus from this podcast, but it came back on my radar again this year, with dozens of new episodes to catch up on.

I have discovered many great non-fiction reads thanks to this chat show hosted by Emma Gannon, most notably OPEN by Frankie Bridge and Sorry I’m Late, I Didn’t Want To Come by Jessica Pan.

It is the podcast I go to when I need some inspiration and some good girl talk.

Recommended listening: Episode #246 Frankie Bridge: An Open Book

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