Adventures in Collage

I read an interesting article recently about the art of collage.  The article talked about a number of successful collage artists, outlining their process and sharing their Instagrams – which was honestly like discovering the Cave of Wonders.

One of my favourites was morysetta, who is inspired by space and science fiction.  I loved how unashamedly abstract her art was, including such oddities as a woman with her face as a fried egg.

Feeling inspired by the article, I tried some collage of my own:

I was particularly interested in the collage artists who used photographs in their work, and so have recently tried to work a photo into each picture I create.  It is sometimes hard to know how best to incorporate the photo into the resources I have – especially as someone who was taught to draw portraits where proportions are absolutely the most important thing.  Actually though, I began to enjoy the slight uncanny nature of not-perfect body proportions, it allowed for more creativity, which is what collage is meant to be all about.

I enjoyed my taste of collage, and if I were to continue it I would make sure I did a couple of things:

  • Invest in a crafting scalpel, so I could have the option to do more fine, intricate details (my earlier attempts like the one above turned out a little clunky where my unwieldy scissors couldn’t handle the job).
  • Save up all magazines and leaflets I could get my hands on so I had a really varied pool of materials to draw from
  • Explore digital collage – I discovered that some artists used photoshop, which feels a little bit cheaty to me, but I liked the idea of being able to manipulate the image fully.  Also, I’d kill for an undo button as sometimes a bit of paper chopping didn’t work out and I would wish I could start again!
  • Work on themes. I would love to do a series based off my favourite books, or other topics that are important to me.

Have you experimented with collage before?