Animal Crossing: New Horizons – Meet My Villagers!

After 350 hours of gameplay, I now have my dream team on my island. You might notice a theme with my villagers – many of them are known for their quirky (or frightening) appearances, making them undesirable to some people!  For me, I just find it makes them even more endearing.  So here they are, all ten of my residents settled in, in the order they arrived on my island…

(It decided to rain halfway through the photoshoot for this post, but I think it adds a bit of drama!)

#1 Rory the Lion

Rory was my first ever villager, along with Pinky (who was the first to go when I had the chance!).  Even though Rory wasn’t a part of my island vision, there was something about his personality, humour and ridiculous moustache that made me want him around.  My only regret is that he will never live in his proper house, since he was one of my original campers.  Even so, I gave him a cheerleading outfit and baseball glove chair, so he could at least be surrounded by some of the things he loves.

#2 Merengue the Rhino

Merengue was the first villager I found on a mystery tour, and have been obsessed with her since that day.  She hosted my birthday party this year too, so she definitely deserves that swimming pool!  This girl just never stops.  If she isn’t running around the beach Naruto-style, then she will be tidying or singing or exercising in the rain.

#3 Beardo the Bear

Beardo was another great mystery island find.  He taught me a lot about the game.  Like if you gift a character items, like a maid’s outfit, for example, they will display it in their house with pride.  I’ve heard rumours that Beardo will wear a gifted maid outfit when he cleans, but I’ve yet to see it myself.  Maybe my Beardo is just a little more conservative.

#4 Pietro the Clown Sheep

Here’s my favourite… Pietro!  Look at him, he’s perfect.  I know very few people who actually like him as a character, but he brings so much colour to my island, in both personality and appearance!

He says a lot of weird things too, which I can totally relate to.

#5 Lucky the Dog

Lucky was the villager I was most excited to have, but the one I probably have no real attachment to.  I rarely see him, apart from when he’s drinking in the children’s play park alone at night… I’m tempted to swap him out for Raymond, but we’ll see, he might still warm to me yet.

I’ve put his house on the edge of my town graveyard, so he should feel right at home.

#6 Coco the Rabbit

I love Coco’s story – the fact she is both rabbit and gyroid *shudders*.  There’s something terrifying and mesmerising about those giant empty eye sockets.

According to her online profile, she wants to be an astronaut.  Good for her.

#7 Cube the Penguin

I got Cube on board because there was something about his eyes that immediately made me think of Coraline – “we let her sew the buttons!”.  His house is confusingly cheerful considering he has such a vacant little face!

I originally had Tiffany in the house Cube now lives in, and she was great fun, so I might bring her and her ridiculous neon sign furnishings back one day.

#8 Marshal the Squirrel

Marshal doesn’t exactly fit in with my ‘spooky’ villager theme, in fact he is closer to channeling ‘twelve year old boy at expensive boarding school’.  However, he’s just so small and adorable, I had to keep him!

His house is just so smart as well.  But how does he reach that high shelf?  Do his parents come over once a week and do his washing?!

#9 Muffy the Sheep

I was reluctant to move Muffy in as I wasn’t sure I wanted two sheep unbalancing my animal utopia, but I’m glad I did in the end.  She basically has the same house furniture as me, we’re like goth sisters.

Playing dead. Being super goth.

#10 Ankha the Cat

Ankha is brand new, so I don’t know much about her yet, we’re still getting to know each other!  All I know is that she has the most incredible house in the game, and is so hard to take photos of, as she insists on turning away from me whenever I go into camera mode…  Also, her skill is writing about pickles (I guess someone has to do it?!).

I let go of Stitches to welcome Ankha to the island, which I still have mixed feelings over.  Stitches always seemed to be angry at me, so hopefully Ankha will bring some positive vibes with her (as well as that huge pyramid in her house, you know).

Which villagers do you have on your island?  Who do you love and who do you love to hate?

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