Aqua Garden

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And the award for the coolest meeples goes to… Aqua Garden! Featuring wooden sharks, turtles, clownfish, and more, this Kickstarted game is a collector’s dream.

Aqua Garden is more than the sum of its meeples though.  Each player has their own aquarium, and must move around a central board to acquire new fish to place in their tanks.  However, it’s not as easy as picking up any old fish – you’re competing for the most points, so must plan your combos accordingly…

We just played the base game, but there are already a handful of expansions that introduce even more fish varieties. I like that switching up the fish each time could offer so much replayability.

Overall, it was very easy to learn, and actually a really simple concept – I think it would be a great family game for children to enjoy too.  It’s probably one of the most aesthetic games I’ve ever played, and would love to add it (and all those amazing expansions) to my collection!

My only criticism is that the way player turns work means that if you zoom ahead to grab a rare fish, you might find yourself waiting a long time for your next turn as the other players catch up. There is strategy in pacing yourself, for sure, but at one point I believe I waited about 15 minutes for my next turn!

Have you played Aqua Garden before? What were your thoughts?

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