Attending Minecraft Hogwarts

So, I had my mind blown the other day.  Neil showed me this video on YouTube of The Floo Network’s Harry Potter mod for Minecraft.  It looked incredible, I was totally engrossed, and then he said, “you do realise you can download this and play it yourself?”.  My jaw just dropped to the floor.  So, I downloaded it, crashed my computer getting it set up, and then began my journey into the Wizarding World of tiny cubes…

There is a lot that is amazing about this mod.  I can’t imagine how many hours it took to put it together, even with a whole team of people at work.  It is so unbelievably detailed – many times I just walked in the opposite direction of my quest and stumbled upon alleyways and gardens all full of tiny details that people aren’t even expected to notice.  I was less impressed when I was sorted into Hufflepuff instead of Gryffindor, which triggered a kind of identity crisis.

Diagon Alley has been my favourite experience so far.  Not only can you look around most shops, but you can go upstairs and behind the scenes.  I didn’t have the Lumos spell and got lost in Ollivanders’ basement when I decided to go exploring in a dark room.

My walk to Kings Cross Station was when I first realised how sprawling the world really was.  You have to walk from the Leaky Cauldron across London, past a handful of London’s most beautiful monuments, carefully crafted in square bricks.  I’ll admit, the tourist in me did win out and I paused to take a photo of Big Ben.

What constantly had me cracked up was seeing the characters I loved as Minecraft figures.  I don’t know what was more funny – Minecraft goblins in Gringotts or Minecraft Hagrid, they both had me laughing.

My only issue with the game is that I am bad at it. And that’s not really the game’s fault.

You can download the mod to play yourself by clicking here.  It is completely free, but they do accept donations if you want to show your support.  If your computer can handle the challenge, absolutely experience this yourself – just turn the graphics down if your computer starts making a funny noise.

Happy gaming!

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