Back To Bristol (Just For A Day)

Bristol Graffiti

Earlier this week I found myself in Bristol for the day – one of my favourite cities to visit.  I lived there briefly when I gave university a go back in my teens, and those few months left me with such a fondness for the beautiful city.

As we didn’t have much time, we made sure to head straight to We The Curious, which is the quirky new name given to Bristol’s recently rebranded science museum.  The museum is perfect for families, or anyone really who might usually struggle with the quieter, more passive nature of a museum, as We The Curious is almost entirely interactive.  Since I’m not particularly science-y and can’t retain science facts/jargon to save my life, I find it a really interesting opportunity to see the science in action.

Bristol Science Museum

After two hours playing in the museum, we boarded our spaceship (aka attended a planetarium show), and enjoyed half an hour of the Solar System Odyssey mission.  Somehow we managed to still enjoy the show despite the thirty schoolchildren all cheering at the front (though they were so loud and excited that all we could do was laugh).

They had really changed up the show since I had last attended, with the audience getting to pick which space locations the “crew” travelled to.  I actually got randomly selected to participate, and had to quickly pick a location from the options left on the screen.  Feeling the pressure of fifty pairs of eyes on me, I pointed wildly and shouted “the oceans!”, and our presenter plucked us right out of beautiful, starry space, and into a rather underwhelming 3D ocean experience… Nothing like disappointing an entire party of schoolchildren all at once!

Bristol Science Museum

Space travel is hungry work, so we booked a table for afterwards at my favourite buffet restaurant, Za Za Bazaar.  I always rave about this place to people, because there are islands of food from so many different countries: China, India, Mexico, America (to name a few!).  I recommend the place as a fun eating option for anyone visiting the city!

With our bellies full of deliciousness, we popped to the high street for a spot of shopping and to see some of the graffiti that Bristol is so famous for.  Though we didn’t see any of Banksy’s work, we saw some other incredible pieces of art.

Bristol Graffiti

I was also excited to see that Bristol has so many bookshops.  Sadly, I’m used to Waterstones dominating the bookshop scene in towns and cities I visit, but Bristol had an abundance of options for bookworms.  I managed to pick up a copy of Feminists Don’t Wear Pink And Other Lies, which is a collection of essays about feminism, curated by Scarlett Curtis.  I’ve only read a few essays so far, and the pieces seem short and lighthearted – a nice book to pick up when I have a spare few minutes.  Cat Women by Evanna Lynch particularly stood out for me, and triggered some nice healthy debate amongst my female friends!

It was great to step away from home and visit a city I have so many fond memories of.  I’m already planning my next visit!

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