Book Review: Stan and Nan by Sarah Lippett

26210515Title: Stan and Nan

Author: Sarah Lippett

Genre: Graphic Novel, Non-Fiction, Biography

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Stan and Nan is a graphic novel sharing the story of Sarah Lippett’s grandparents: her Nan, who she was very close to, and her Grandad, who she never met.  It is a story about love and the strength of family, inspired by the letters Sarah’s grandmother wrote to her about her late husband.

This book is a real credit to the graphic novel genre.  Anyone – whether they knew their grandparents or not – will have heard stories about them.  Stories are so important, and are a great part of keeping someone’s memory alive.  This is what Stan and Nan is all about, especially as much of the story is told from the perspective of Sarah Lippett’s relatives.  Putting their story into a book must have been a really difficult experience for Sarah, as the love she had for her Gran is very apparent in their conversations, and really very moving.Stan and Nan

The subject matter made it quite a tough book to read at times.  I have a very good relationship with my Gran, and much of Sarah’s interactions with her Gran were very familiar.  A particularly funny and heart-warming moment for me was when her Gran offered her Custard Creams even though she was a vegan; this happened again later and it was just as funny!

The illustrations are quite rough at times, but that’s really just Lippett’s style.  As this book is so personal to the author, I feel the drawings just add a layer of authenticity and they don’t feel lazy at all.  Anyway, there are times when Lippett shows off her abilities and attention-to-detail with some full-page drawings, and I personally feel the whole book fits together really nicely.

Star Rating: ★★★★★ (5/5)

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