Brilliant Things #1

This year I’ll be sharing some of the brilliant things I come across. Those things that you read/watch/hear and then immediately send to people you know, insisting they take a look. I love indulging in other people’s lists of favourite things, so hopefully some of you will enjoy indulging in mine (I know I’ll indulge in writing it!).

“It’s brilliant!” you cry, a touch of hysteria in your voice. “You simply must see…”

1.) Machine Gun Kelly’s new music video.  He’s reshot some of his music videos and made a marathon-length binge of songs, which follow the story of some kids at a place called Downfalls High. Fans of 2000s pop punk vibes can watch the video (almost 50 minutes long!) here.

2.) Creative Lowdown posts by Arts Council England. There are dozens of artsy projects, workshops, and articles to read, all collated in one place once a month (did I take inspiration from this for Brilliant Things? Yes. Yes I did). Explore wonders such as…

3.) This series of short theatre pieces about Ancient Greece. I recommend starting at the beginning with Pandora, and being in awe over how the narrator can switch between buzzing and speech. Click here to watch!

4.) The Southern Book Club’s Guide to Slaying Vampires by Grady Hendrix. I put my life on hold and read this book obsessively over a weekend. It would make an amazing Netflix series; I just wish the title didn’t give away the entire plot.

5.) Carousel Custom Tattoo Studio. I have a bunch of tattoos booked, but my dream is to be tattooed at Carousel Custom Tattoo Studio. Their Instagram is beautiful, they are a team of such talented ladies.

6.) Thriftmas 2020 by Pretty Pastel Please. This series of thrifting videos through December was so inspiring that I’ve decided to be a little more thrifty myself. Once we’re a little less ‘locked down’ of course…

7.) Immortals Fenyx Rising. Somehow, I feel like this game didn’t get the attention it deserved when it was released last month. It has some hilarious dialogue, and the open world is beautiful and fun to explore.

8.) Videos of people visiting Tokyo. hijessicaanne on YouTube does the loveliest videos of food and wandering and coffee shops. Cakes With Faces is super informative and they go to a lot of arcades.

Questionable Content. A truly epic webcomic series I discovered in my teens, and have just rediscovered. Enjoy!

Ahh, so many brilliant things.

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