Brilliant Things #2

This year I’ll be sharing some of the brilliant things I come across. You know, those things that you read/watch/hear and then immediately send to people you know, insisting they take a look. I love indulging in other people’s lists of favourite things, so hopefully some of you will enjoy indulging in mine (I know I’ll indulge in writing it!).

“It’s brilliant!” you cry, a touch of hysteria in your voice. “You simply must see…”

1.) Arendelle Castle Yule Log. Ok, so hear me out. Disney Plus have a range of videos perfect for creating a cosy atmosphere when you’re working or reading. The Arendelle Castle Yule Log has been my new favourite thing to work from home to while it’s been cold and rainy outside.  Occasionally Olaf runs past the fireplace, which just adds to the magic.

2.) City of Ghosts on Netflix. This incredibly quirky animated series tells the stories of real city people, disguised in the fictional setting of an investigative children’s ghost club. It sounds crazy, but it works.

3.) Life in a Day 2020. I found out about this YouTube project in 2020, and actually started filming my day to submit for the documentary… then promptly forgot all about it, oops.  The finished product makes me wish I’d remembered to submit my entry, it’s actually quite beautiful. View the video, which is over an hour long, here.

4.) Behind Her Eyes on Netflix. Honestly, everything brilliant in February could have just been a list of Netflix shows I was obsessed with.  Behind Her Eyes was one of the best thrillers I have ever seen. Murder and mystery and… surprise science fiction stuff?! This series blew my mind.

5.) My Dad Wrote a Porno. This is a podcast, not a statement (thankfully).  A man reads the erotic novel his father wrote, while his friends listen on and giggle.  This is genuinely one of the most entertaining things I have ever listened to. Who knew that this is what I needed in my life.

6.) The Hill We Climb. I’m late to this party, but I loved and felt every moment of Amanda Gorman’s poem, The Hill We Climb. I’m always in awe of young adults who can deliver such extraordinary performances, and this one offers so much hope. You can view the whole reading here.

7.) Animal Crossing Mario items.  Don’t tell me Animal Crossing doesn’t have a home on this list of brilliant things. The recent Mario update has me back to playing the game every day, collecting up the amazing themed items and getting my creative hat on. Oh, how I’ve missed the comforts of my island!

Brilliant, just brilliant!

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