Brilliant Things #3

This year I’ll be sharing some of the brilliant things I come across in list form, ‘cos everybody loves a list!  For more brilliant things posts, check out #brilliant-things.

“It’s brilliant!” you cry, a touch of hysteria in your voice. “You simply must see…”

1.) Iceland’s Eurovision entry. I cannot stop humming this song, I’m driving everyone in my house to insanity, especially as I only know half the chorus and have to ad lib the rest…

2.) Arts Destination. This free arts event features some brilliant speakers, including Liv Torc (who led the incredible Haiflu project) and famous crime writer, Ann Cleeves.

3.) YouTuber Brogan Tate. She talks about Disney, home ownership, tidying and general day-to-day chit chat. I find her videos so relaxing to watch, and her Disneyland enthusiasm is so infectious. Check out her videos here.

4.) Obsessive Compulsive Cleaners. For some reason, watching people clean dirty houses is brilliant television. If you want to be inspired to bleach your own house, you can watch a bunch of episodes on All 4.

5.) The World of Shakespeare jigsaw puzzle. Lockdown, like a lot of people, got me into jigsaw puzzles. Now I’m back to work I am taking up the entire table with the 1000-piece World of Shakespeare jigsaw that I am completing at an absolute snail’s pace. It’s really tough (or, I’m rubbish at puzzles), but great fun to see all the Shakespeare references coming to life as I build the scenes.  Waterstones sell copies if you’re interested in tackling this tricky one!

6.) Fizzy Wizzy Sweets and Co.  An artist I follow on Instagram launched an online sweet shop, and I couldn’t not show my support. Among other things, she does sweet cones, and fizzy and retro sweet boxes, which make really nice presents! And, of course, are delicious…

7.) Personalised Disney Starbucks Cups.  Yessss!  These cups from U.K. small business, Hamilton Crafts, are adorable.  You can add your name or a short personalised message, and can pick between some favourite Disney characters.  Personally, the Mickey ears cup is a personal favourite.

Simply brilliant!

What brilliant things are you loving at the moment?

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