Brilliant Things #4

“It’s brilliant!” you cry, a touch of hysteria in your voice. “You simply must see…”

1.) The Apprentice. I don’t remember the last time I excitedly tuned in to actual television to watch a show. The latest season of The Apprentice has just finished and sitting down with dinner to watch the weekly episode has actually been my favourite bit of the week! If you like to feel second-hand embarrassment at amateur businesspeople making bad decisions, then I recommend you give it a watch.

2.) Mac and Cheese Toasties. This might essentially be a carb sandwich, but Marks and Spencer sell some incredible mac and cheese toasties in their cafe at the moment (chef kiss!).

3.) Organising your book- or board game shelves by colour. I think collectors items like books and board games get a bit of a hard time for looking ‘cluttered’. I already have a rainbow bookshelf (worth every minute of the thirty it took to do it!) but I’ve seen people start to organise their tabletop gaming shelves the same way! What a great way to make a bit of an art feature out of your stuff.

4.) Fault Lines by Emily Itami. Easily my favourite book of the year so far, Fault Lines is about a Japanese woman feeling stagnant in her life and marriage. When she meets a man who makes her feel herself again, she must juggle this new relationship with the responsibilities of motherhood.

5.) Bad Vegan on Netflix. Netflix is churning out some amazing true crime at the moment. Watching this show led me down a Reddit rabbit hole that leaves me totally on the fence about this case!

6.) Tiny Tina’s Wonderland. I’m a huge Borderlands fan, and Tiny Tina’s Wonderland is everything I love about Borderlands with a D&D flair. It is as insane and wonderful as it sounds.

7.) The Lord of the Rings Virtual Challenge. The Conqueror have released a LOTR-themed epic journey that people can do virtually by walking, running, cycling, or just whatever mode of movement takes your fancy. Click here to become part of the Fellowship.

8.) Run and Fly Dresses. In particular, this absolutely stunning cosmic space dress (WITH POCKETS!). I love this brand – they celebrate diversity and also made some great quality clothing.

9.) Bad Habits by Ed Sheeran and Bring Me The Horizon. I’m in awe of this song, as it is such an incredible collaboration to have one of the biggest pop singers working with one of the biggest alternative/metal bands.

Brilliant, just brilliant!

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