Century: Spice Road

Century Spice Road

Fans of Splendor will love this strategy card game, where players must generate spices to trade for victory points cards.

A player can choose to perform one of four actions per turn: play a card, acquire a new trader card, take all played cards back into the hand, or claim a victory points card.  Trader cards are important, as when played they are the only source of acquiring new spices.

The winner is the player with the highest number of points when the game ends.  On this occasion, that was most definitely not me.  I made the mistake of thinking a good tactic would be to end the game as early as possible by quickly selecting low points cards.  I think if I had chosen my initial trader cards more carefully, then this could have worked, but my plan backfired, and my friend won a staggeringly high victory in the end.

Enormously tactile, the game comes with dozens of cubes that represent the different spices, for example brown for cinnamon and red for saffron.  They are stored in small plastic bowls, which adds a sort of authentic element to the game.  There are also almost one hundred cards that come with the set, which are all beautifully illustrated.

Century Spice Road

Despite their similarities, I think Splendor still has the edge for me when it comes to strategy card games.  However, I am excited to see what other creations Plan B Games release in their Century collection, with Century: Eastern Wonders already available to pre-order.

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