Dead by Daylight

With Halloween approaching, it seemed like the perfect time to get stuck into a good horror game.

I’m really into Dead by Daylight this month, a co-operative horror game where a group of survivors must sneak around a location fixing generators so they can unlock an escape.  Meanwhile, a maniac hunts them down, hooking them like animals one by one to be sacrificed to The Entity.

What makes this game so frightening is that the killer is an actual person.  That isn’t an A.I. chasing you with a chainsaw, but a real player who is watching you and adapting to your play style.

Dead by Daylight

The locations are abandoned hospitals and corn fields, filled with crows who can be easily spooked, alerting the killer to your whereabouts from across the map. You can’t fight back, just learn how to hide when you hear the telltale heartbeat sound that tells you the killer is approaching.

Sometimes, you will find yourself the only living survivor, which often means your only chance for escape is to find the randomly spawned hatch in the ground where you can jump to freedom.  As you hear your last living friend’s final scream, the race is on to find the hatch before the killer does.

Dead by Daylight

This game has given me so many happy memories (believe it or not).  Just recently I was the final survivor, with the rest of the group spectating and cheering me on, when the killer found me.  I wiggled in her grasp, hoping to break free before I was hooked, when I heard the hum of the hatch nearby.  The killer released me on the hatch and let me escape, to the excited cheers of my friends!  It doesn’t always have a happy ending though, so these small victories are worth savouring!

I have played both as the killer and the survivor, but I much prefer to be a part of a team than to be the lone wolf.  The selection of killers is so varied that every game is completely unique.  Some killers can set traps, others can turn invisible, others can give you nightmares.  You may recognise a few familiar faces too if you are a fan of horror films…

Dead by Daylight

This is easily one of the best co-op experiences I have ever had.  I’m not a fan of PvP, but Dead by Daylight makes it such a unique experience that all my usual criticisms are completely pushed aside.

I suggest, if you haven’t played it before, buy it for Halloween and have a fun night in with some friends!

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