Favourite Board Games of 2017 (Part 2)

Here we are, back again for part two of my round-up of amazing board games I played this year.  I released part one impatiently in July, wanting to share five brilliant titles instead of keeping them to myself all year.  Since then, I’ve learnt half a dozen more games, and want to share some of the ones that really stood out.

6.) Scythe


This game was so reminiscent of the strategy PC games I’ve spent many, many hours of my life playing, that it was an instant hit. I’ve still yet to beat my friend in our two-player matches, but it hasn’t taken away any of the enjoyment – if anything, it just makes me even more competitive.

7.) Last Friday

Last Friday

As you probably saw from Part One, horror board games are a big hit with me this year. I really enjoy those extra design elements that add to the atmosphere of play. In Last Friday, you can play either a serial killer or a camper, spending the game either hunting or being hunted around a big old lake littered with weapons and dead bodies – you can’t get much more atmospheric than that.

8.) Sushi Go!

This is a classic card game among my friends – our go-to when we fancy something light and fluffy.  The idea is to choose sushi combinations that will win you the most points at the end of the round.  Sometimes you might be hunting for that second tempura to secure those 5 points, or hoping for a wasabi to give your nigiri score some extra kick.  An added bonus with Sushi Go! is that the cards are really quite adorable, and it is also a cheap option if you’re looking for a party game to gift a friend (£10-£15 online).

9.) Onitama


Another simple game which is only two-player – a nice choice for if I visit the board game cafe with just the one friend. In some ways it is just a simplified version of Chess – it still requires a lot of strategy, but there is also an element of chance in the cards that are drawn, which dictate where you can move. It’s easy to learn, and better yet, I can actually beat my board game champ friend at it, which gives it extra points!

10.) Oceanos


I managed to save the best til last – Oceanos was the last board game of the year I played, and definitely stood out.  A simple competitive game, the premise is to dive through the depths of the ocean, collecting more points than your opponent.  You can find out more about this great game here.

I’ve loved sharing so many epic board games this year, and can’t wait to learn many more in 2018.  Which board games have you enjoyed this year?

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