Favourite Board Games of 2017 (Part 1)

We’re just over halfway through 2017, but already I have added more than a dozen new board games to my repertoire.  I thought I’d pick out my favourites so far, as I’m so excited by these titles that I can’t possibly wait until the end of the year to share them… so watch this space for a part two at some point!

 1.) Sub Terra

Sub Terra

I played this for the first time yesterday – what an incredible game!  Funded by Kickstarter, I don’t even think it is available to buy anywhere yet, which means I’ll be waiting a bit longer until I can own my own copy.  The aim of the game is to escape being trapped underground, surviving cave-ins, gas leaks, floods and nightmarish horrors before the flashlight breaks… My one playthrough was intense, and the co-operative elements are what made it my favourite board game of the year (so far); figuring out whether to split up or stay together is no easy decision to make.

 2.) Mysterium


This supernatural murder mystery is great fun.  One person must play the ghost, and communicate to the other players the details of their murder through abstract vision cards.  This is a real test of friendships, as the ghost must choose vision cards that he thinks the receiver will be able to decipher – and sometimes you just find yourselves on completely different wavelengths!

 3.) Pagoda

This simple two-player game takes a surprising amount of thought and strategy.  The premise is to take it in turns to place columns, winning points as the levels of the pagoda get higher.  I’ve yet to beat my friend at this, despite at least six rematches, but it has taken away none of the fun.

 4.) Splendor

SplendorSplendor was one of the first games I ever played when I attended my first board game cafe.  It is my favourite card game at the moment, not even beaten by Exploding Kittens or Flux.  Players must collect and spend gems, building their empire until they have enough points to win.  My favourite feature of the game is the heavy gem tokens – they are great quality, and nothing quite beats the satisfaction of stacking them together!

 5.) Kana Gawa

Kana GawaKana Gawa is the most gentle competitive game I have ever played.  Players must build beautiful Japanese landscape paintings, collecting points for things like combinations of trees, animals and people.  The illustrations are beautiful, and it is a real pleasure to play.

Five excellent titles that I recommend to any board gamer!  The rules of any one of them are not so complex that they couldn’t be picked up by a first time board gamer too.  Sub Terra for those who like a frantic 60 minute game filled with monsters, finishing with Kana Gawa for the more relaxed gamer.

Have you ever played any of these games? Any recommendations for what I should play next?

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