First Lines Friday: 12th June

The concept behind First Lines Fridays is to take risks with reading, and not judge a book by its cover.  Have you ever picked up a book and been drawn in from that very first line?  Sometimes fancy covers, the number of pages or the genre can influence our reading choices, often being the difference between ‘yes, I’ll read this’ and ‘this is not for me’.  The idea is to be captivated by the first line or two of a book, and to take a gamble from there.

One minute the teacher was talking about the Civil War.  And the next minute he was gone.
No ‘poof’.  No flash of light.  No explosion.

(Curious?  Read on to find out which book this extract is from)



Gone by Michael Grant

Goodreads | The Book Depository


299 hours 54 minutes

Suddenly it’s a world without adults and normal has crashed and burned.  When life as you know it ends at 15, everything changes.

A small town in southern California: In the blink of an eye everyone over the age of 15 disappears and no one knows why.

Cut off from the outside world, those that are left are trapped, and there’s no help on the way.  Chaos rules the streets.  Gangs begin to form.  Sides are chosen – strong or weak.  Cruel or humane.

A new world world order is rising and, even scarier, some survivors have power – mutant power that no one has ever seen before…

Have you read this book?  Have you ever chosen to read a book based purely on an extract, and if so, did it work out well?  Share your experiences!

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