Flynn: 6 Months of Being a Pup

Somehow, Flynn is 6 months old this week; I’m not quite sure how that happened. We managed to nurture a small fluffy creature to adolescence with what feels like a fairly normal and healthy amount of blood, sweat and tears. I’m genuinely surprised and relieved!

It sure hasn’t been all rainbows and unicorns though; he seems to be over the worse of his teething, but for about six weeks over the summer he would bite EVERYTHING, and was clearly in pain. Poor little guy.

He’s been great for us though, this crazy breed with more energy than Neil and I put together. We agree – because we love him so much so wouldn’t dare say otherwise – that he pushes us waaay out of our comfort zones. His high energy means we pack a bag and go for walks in wind, rain and shine, when the Old Us would probably have just stayed in bed. I don’t think a year ago either of us could have foreseen our introverted selves enthusiastically attending puppy class after a long day of work, and keeping up with our homework for the sessions.

Flynn loves… socks, walks off the lead, puddles, leaves, toilet roll tubes, any beloved plushie that belongs to my sister, waking us up at 7am sharp, being carried, sitting in plant pots, belly rubs, car rides, digging.

Flynn hates… being ignored, rain, being wet, wasp stings, being alone, shoes, his toys being tidied away, being told not to do something, bringing back the ball in the ‘fetch’ part of Fetch, black bin bags.

He has totally changed us, we absolutely love being dog owners. There’s still SO much to learn, like getting him to stop jumping up, and getting him to settle when we leave him at the groomers. Something to tackle before my next update, I suppose!

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