Getting Crafty: Pom Poms, Lino Printing & Embroidery

In these months of Covid madness I’ve found a lot of calm by getting back into arts and crafts. I’ve tried to stay pretty open-minded with it, dabbling in anything that has taken my fancy along the way. Here’s some of the projects I’ve enjoyed this year:

Christmas Pom Poms

My favourite evening craft on the run-up to December has been making Christmas pom poms. I’ve been making some of these festive brussel sprouts and Christmas puddings for the kids at work. I found the designs on Pinterest and YouTube; they are so easy to make whilst watching Netflix, and a nice way of keeping your hands busy if you’re a fidgeter like me!


I had seen some incredible works of embroidery on Instagram, and knew I wanted to give it a shot. A friend at work had said she had found the activity calming, so I thought it might be a nice lockdown time-filler. I bought a cheap beginners set of three designs from Amazon, with the first one (above) taking around two evenings to complete.

Flower Power

Years ago I bought a pass to Alisa Burke’s ‘Flower Power’ course, the original results of which you can see here. Thrilled to discover I still had access to all the content, I started dabbling again in these beautiful mandala-like flower designs.

I did most of this piece during quiet moments playing Divinity 2: Original Sin (if I died early in a fight I might have up to ten minutes of drawing time!).  This was a first attempt, and even though there are changes I would make if I did it again, it really was such a relaxing way of passing time. It’s hard for anything bad to dwell in your mind when you’re painstakingly drawing tiny lines with a 01 fine liner!

Lino Art

I signed up for an Artful subscription box recently, swayed by the idea of receiving a kit for a random form of art that might take me out of my comfort zone. This box was about lino printing, something I had always wanted to try!

Here is my first attempt – a pretty ambitious bunch of flowers for a beginner! I was pleased with the result, but have so much to learn about how to roll the ink in a neat, consistent way to avoid those black lines around the image.

There are some print artists on Instagram that are keeping me inspired, so I’m working on my next piece already (a quote by the band Atreyu: ‘Live. Love. Burn. Die’. Charming, right?!).

3D Printing

I feel a bit cheeky including 3D printing in this list, as I haven’t been coming up with the designs myself. However, learning to use the equipment has taken me right out of my comfort zone, and the novelty of watching something materialise out of nowhere has yet to wear off. Here’s our proud stack of tabletop token trays with our new multicoloured spool.

What projects have you been working on recently?

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