Goals for 2019: Build & Bloom

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Following a couple of recommendations, I decided to give in and purchase a Passion Planner.  There is an enormous online community for this particular planner, and I love how goal-orientated it is, with plenty of space to keep track of life.

Something I saw posted recently was a list of words that people can pick from to focus on over the year, helping them to stay on track.  I decided I needed two words for everything I hope to achieve next year, and I settled on build and bloom.  I want to continue to build my confidence with new experiences and healthier living, I want to continue to build my life’s foundations by addressing my work and housing situation.  Ultimately, I want these things to help me to bloom, because I feel I have grown tremendously in 2018, and I want to continue the trend.

As my planner game will be strong in 2019, I’m going to do the opposite of 2018’s quite general goals, and write a bucket list of things I desperately want to achieve:

1.) Reach a healthy BMI. These last two years I’ve made big changes with my health, and in 2018 I lost over a stone.  I’ve never striven for fast results, just a happier body, and in 2019 I would love to continue the yoga and homemade meals, and keep up the steady weight loss.  I will also be introducing into my exercise schedule a high intensity workout programme by Kayla Itsines.  It is called the Bikini Body Guide, which is certainly not the reason I’ll be doing it, but I like the structure of the weekly workouts, and I have a friend on board to keep me motivated.  I tried it out a year or so ago and it was fun to see what my body could do, so it will be nice to challenge myself again and see how far I get this time round.

2.) Move out. Moving out was great fun last year – moving home less so!  I would love to try again and see if moving house works out in 2019.

3.) Read 20 books. I aimed for an optimistic 100 books in 2018, but I think 20 is a reasonable goal if I am to juggle fitness and moving house too!  I got rid of my to-be-read in 2018, so I’m going to just see what takes my fancy and go with the flow.

4.) Secure more work. I love my job, and I’ll be pushing myself in 2019 to look for more hours to fund all the exciting plans I have.  If I can secure something permanently that will increase my monthly paycheck, then I can really start looking at my long-term goals.

5.) Grow Wandering Words. I gushed recently about how much I love blogging, and I’ve decided that I would love to dedicate more time to it in 2019.  I’ve been thrilled to see my stats rise this year, and it has made me hungrier than ever to see the site continue to bloom.

What are your goals for 2019?


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