God of Word

I recently picked up God of Word in a Steam bundle, alongside a whole bunch of other word games. I’m an enormous fan of traditional word games like Scrabble and Boggle, and as an English graduate, I like to (often wrongly) think I have an edge on these kinds of games. So I snapped up the deal, and settled into an afternoon of gaming.

In God of Word, the player must fight their way through combat with a variety of different characters, including Roman soldiers, skeletens and Medousa. To attack, word combinations must be made from the seven letters given at the start of combat.

God of Word 1

A trick that usually words for me is utilising the ‘s’ letter as much as possible by throwing out the plural of a word after the singular. You can see this sneaky method below in my fight with Medousa: ‘cake’ is quickly followed by ‘cakes’, ‘kale’ by ‘kales’. It took me at least half a dozen attempts to beat her though, as every word I made had to have the mirrored tile somewhere in it. I loved the mental challenge of having to think against the clock; it was a great piece of brain training, and an embarrassing reminder that so much of my vocabulary revolves around food…

God of Word 2

Currently, I am hours of gameplay away from completion – for such a cheap purchase, there are so many levels to play, and because of its nature, you can have a quick game anytime you fancy. There are also other challenges within the game to keep it interesting, such as Hangman, where you have to guess the word and save the character from death.

Overall, a fun little purchase, and I look forward to challenging myself with it over the next few weeks.

You can pick up God of War on Steam for £3.99, or buy the current CAPSLOCKDAY bundle for more games like this one.

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