Holly, Ivy & Red Berries: A Festive Zine

I unearthed a zine I wrote in my early 20s, and thought it would be fun to share since Christmas is approaching (and honestly, I’ve been feeling festive since October).

This zine is called Holly, Ivy and Red Berries, and I was inspired by our local foodbank’s work to make something that raised awareness of homelessness around Christmas time.  Ironically, the solution to homelessness isn’t gifting handmade coronets, so if you enjoy it and it perhaps moves you, or makes you want to give to others, please consider doing one of the more helpful ideas below:

  • Donate to your foodbank – you’ll often see collections in supermarkets. You don’t have to just give at Christmastime, it’s important to donate at any time of the year.
  • Buy the Big Issue if you see a seller in the street, or support the Big Issue Foundation
  • Look out for cafe’s offering the ‘pay it forward’ service – you can pay for a hot drink so that someone less fortunate can redeem one for free later on.
  • Support organisations and charities that provide services to the homeless. Your local library offers a free, warm space for the homeless where they can access information and use the Internet (I know I work there, so yes I’m super biased, but I think these safe spaces are so important and should be protected).

So, here’s what to do.

Print off the zine below (click the picture to open it fully) and use the guide to fold along the lines. Read it, enjoy it, add it to your zine collection or pass it on.





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