Holo Taco Review

You know it must be a good day when five Holo Tacos are delivered to your door.

Holo Taco is the nail varnish brand by YouTuber Simply Nailogical. She is known for her quirky personality and obsession with all things nail varnish.  As an avid follower of her YouTube adventures, I was hyped when she announced she would be launching her own collection, and I finally managed to order some at the beginning of June!

From left to right: Magenta Jelly, Midnight Spark, Frost Light, Red Liquorice and Orange Drink.

Simply Nailogical coined the term ‘holo taco’ to describe holographic nail varnish colours.  They are those colours you wear when you want to feel like a Disney princess or Galadriel from Lord of the Rings.  She focused on the joy of holo when she launched her own product, so I knew I would be getting something top-notch.

I wasn’t wrong!  The varnish is satisfyingly thick (I had to apply it differently than usual, as I’m so used to cheap, watery brands), and the holo effect is beautiful!  I haven’t tried all the colours yet, but I think Magenta Jelly is a strong favourite.

It isn’t cost efficient for me to stock up too often with those scary delivery costs from Canada to the U.K., but the face value price on the Holo Taco website is more than reasonable.  For your money, you get a product you know was designed by someone with passion and experience, and you’re supporting a YouTuber who once painted 100 layers of nail varnish onto one nail just to see what would happen:

I actually get daily compliments from customers at work whenever I wear any holo varnish, so I’m absolutely thrilled with the new additions to my nail varnish collection.

If you too want to make your boyfriend hungry and confused by talking about holo tacos, you can browse the collection here: https://www.holotaco.com/

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