I Attended an Art Sippers Painting Event

Art Sippers


The pandemic has forced a lot of activities online, including London-based art events company, Art Sippers.  Pre-Covid, Art Sippers could be found hosting regular events in London, popular among hen dos and large groups looking for a fun evening activity. It is something I had always fancied but had always been too shy to try anything like it – the thought of making art surrounded by strangers was enough to put me off!

However, when I saw one of my favourite YouTubers raving about her experience with Art Sippers online, I knew now was a great time to give it a go.

We made it a family affair – I invited my sister and Mum, and we all prepared an easel, shared some paints, and settled down with a Dominos pizza and snacks for an evening of painting.  Our subject for the session: a bottle of wine. Considering a recent week had been painting llamas, we were slightly underwhelmed by the topic, but made the best of it.  I had doubted the effectiveness of the event being on Zoom, but was amazed actually by how well it worked.  Many attendees had their cameras on, so you could see the variety of styles around the ‘room’.  It wasn’t intimidating at all, especially as having your own camera on was optional (we switched between having ours on and off).

I was worried about the instructor, Josie, moving too fast, but she really took her time explaining what she was doing, marking points in pencil, and going through every colour of paint needed (and how to mix the ones you didn’t have).

We had a tremendous amount of fun, and as is typical for the three of us when we get together, we went ‘rogue’. My impatient sister rushed ahead with hers, my Mum decided to turn the bottle of wine into a love potion, and I opted to transform mine into a bottle of Malibu (something far more appetising!).  No rule against using a little creative license!  It was hilarious holding up our paintings at the end – my Mum even got a special mention from the hosts for her ‘interesting’ interpretation of the theme, which left us in tears (of laughter!).

The only part I don’t think translated too well to Zoom was the second host who broke up the show with quiz questions and jokes. Though he worked hard to keep the energy high, it was easy to lose track of what was being said when I was busy trying to paint!

Without a doubt, if Art Sippers hadn’t started online classes, I may never have experienced the joy of group painting. I will definitely be attending a future Art Sippers online event, and would now even have the confidence to attend something in person if this style of event ever launched locally.

The best part is that anyone can join; Zoom makes the event international! You can even purchase art boxes with painting supplies and alcohol, which I think would make a lovely gift for someone (though not cost-effective if you already own the kit).  We attended on one ticket (£9.99), crowding around a tiny tablet screen (surrounded by Malibu bottles and takeaway boxes), and for a tenner we got several hours of giggles, with some wacky pieces of art to show for it.

Check out the Art Sipper website here: https://www.artsippers.com/

Have you ever attended an Art Sippers event before? What were your thoughts?

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