I Visited The House of Minalima

I visited London recently and ticked something amazing off my bucket list – visiting The House of Minalima, the creative shop and gallery of top graphic designers, Miraphora Mina and Eduardo Lima. Their work is best known for featuring in the Harry Potter franchise, and in fact the majority of paper and graphic props in the Wizarding World were created by this artistic duo.

The feeling when you first step inside must be akin to stepping off Diagon Alley into one of its little, magical shops. Though it may be small in size, every single centimetre of space has been utilised – either decoratively, or to showcase products for sale.

The shop in itself is a work of art!

Downstairs is a full gallery exhibiting some of the original pieces from the Harry Potter and Fantastic Beasts films. This room was particularly exciting because so much down there was also for sale. I’m fairly sure I saw an original Hogwarts letter for over £2000 (yes, yes I did).

I was determined to buy a print, which Minalima release in varying batch sizes (though most under 1000 copies). There is something very special about knowing you have something unique(ish). After a lot of deliberation, I picked out something I thought would fit the style we want to go for in the new house: a black and white Skele-gro print (print 204 of 1000). You can pick up a copy, or go all-out and purchase the premium copy with gold foiling, here.

The shop also sells a small number of prints and designs from their range of non-Wizard books, mostly beautifully-illustrated and interactive versions of children’s classics, like Peter Pan (which I showed off in a post a few years ago).  After much deliberation, I did pick up some bird postcards, as I thought they’d also look nice in frames in the new house.

I’d recommend that anyone with an ounce of creativity in their bones should visit the House of Minalima.  Their products are not only recognisable, but they also don’t skimp on quality.  You can get a good feel for their shop, or visit their online store, right here: https://minalima.com/

Happy travels!

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