Last Friday: A Board Game Review

Last Friday

Some legends never die…

After having a good binge on Scythe for the last few weeks, we felt it was high time we learnt a new board game.  As huge fans of Sub Terra and Escape from the Aliens in Outer Space, Last Friday was quick to catch our eye – a horror survival game about a group of campers fighting to stay alive with a murderer on their tail.  If it sounds familiar, then you’ll be pleased to know it has drawn its inspiration from some much-loved horror classics.

The game is split into four chapters, beginning with the person playing as the murderer hunting campers around the board, in the hope of killing them before they unlock the cabins and get to safety.  Every few moves, the murderer must reveal their position, but has the option of throwing the campers off their scent to hide their tracks.  Come chapter two, the campers fight back, and the murderer must hide as the campers team up to pursue them.  This role reversal element was enormous fun, but it requires every character starting each chapter in a new position, which does affect the feeling of continuity in the game.

Last Friday

We managed one play-through today, where I was the murderer and my friend a camper.  The game does state that two-player gaming is an option, but we did conclude that at least three players was ideal, allowing campers to strategise as a team and split up when hunting the murderer.  Our game concluded when I managed to catch up with my camper friend outside the graveyard in chapter three.  I think we were both ready for the game to end at that point – I don’t know how thrilled we would have been to have rolled over into chapter four.

Saying that, it is a relatively quick game.  We managed to set up, learn and finish the game in about an hour and a half.  And even though it wasn’t a perfect game, it was great fun, and actually a lot more enjoyable than Escape from the Aliens in Outer Space, with the added bonus of lots of cardboard tokens, providing that tactile element that I love in a good board game.  One for the Christmas list, I think!

Do you have a favourite survival horror board game?

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