Learning How to Doodle

I recently discovered the beautiful artwork of Alisa Burke, and was thrilled when I found out that she ran online art classes (and better yet, they were on sale).  I snapped up a pass to the Flower Power course, and have been working my way through ever since.  So far, I am halfway through the content, which focuses on inspiring budding artists, rather than offering a how-to guide of replicating her art.

I do already have a light background in art.  My Grandpa was a watercolour painter, and he gave me lessons when I used to go round for dinner once a week as a child.  I also took private lessons from a wonderfully eccentric artist when I was about fourteen – we worked mostly in oil paints, and she taught me to “paint what you see”.  It was a lesson which was challenging to take on board, especially as what you see is often flawed, and it is tempting to deviate from the truth for a more perfect finish.

Flower Power

It seems somehow odd now that my art lessons started with learning how to paint landscapes, bouquets of flowers and self-portraits.  I never got to start at the beginning, and that is why it has been so much fun working through Flower Power.  It’s nice to get back to basics, and the area I have enjoyed the most has been doodling.  Everyone must doodle, but I’d never actually sat down to doodle with the intention of creating a piece of art.

Flower Power

As I got more confident, I decided to throw in new shapes, eventually adding colour and bolder lines.  It didn’t always work out, but it hardly matters – I’ve had enormous fun getting back into drawing and painting, and I won’t be stopping anytime soon.

Flower Power
I couldn’t resist taking inspiration from my favourite nerdy things.

I’ll be sure to share the rest of my creations born out of her classes.  If you’re interested in joining the Flower Power course by Alisa Burke, or any of her other classes, check out her shop.

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