Magical Merch from KellyLou

I recently wrote about small creative businesses I was supporting this year, and felt KellyLou’s amazing Harry Potter-inspired stationery deserved its own special mention.

I was counting down the reopening of her online shop for weeks, and even had a timer set on my phone so I didn’t miss out on the goodies.

I picked up five stickers, four pins and a washi tape, and even found that a free postcard had been added to my box too, which was a nice surprise!

I adore KellyLou’s style of illustration! Neville’s sticker has got to be one of my favourite items that I received; it so brilliantly represents his character, and it’s probably one of the best Neville quotes too!

My favourite pin is probably Luna – I just think the colours and Luna’s quirky personality in this art style are a perfect fit.

All in all, it feels amazing to support UK artists (not least because delivery prices from anywhere else now are crazy), and I totally recommend following KellyLou on Instagram (she posts so many updates!) and checking out her colourful shop, which has just been restocked with dozens of gorgeous goodies.  She is also currently running a Kickstarter for her first collect of Pixar pins!

Happy shopping!

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