MCM Madness 2015

I’ve just arrived home after a weekend at the London MCM Comic Con.  I am exhausted, but feeling triumphant; I survived another con.  I did it, and I have the dark circles under my eyes and Totoro t-shirt to prove it.  Anyone thinking “MCM what?” should have a quick look at this post I did earlier in the year, where I raved merrily about the joys of comic conventions.

Due to O’s work (curse you real world commitments!), we ended up travelling on the Friday night, and having the Saturday and Sunday at the con.  On both days we didn’t have to queue to get in at all, which is a first, and something I would be happy to get used to!  We went with a group of friends, and the roars of laughter in the hotel you heard this year probably belonged to us.  We spent the evenings playing an old favourite – Cards Against Humanity – and some new games we picked up at the con, Bucket of Doom and One Night Ultimate Werewolf (which I ended up reviewing here).

I made a vow this year not to buy useless junk, and if I did buy any, it had to be some kind of Christmas or birthday present for someone else.  I managed to stick to this really well, and any presents to myself were pieces of art to add to my growing collection.  Behold, where my precious pennies went this year:

The con was divided into two distinctive halves this year, with video gaming on one half, and stalls on the other.  I was thrilled that The Comic Village was bigger than ever; it has always been my favourite part of MCM.  Here are a few of the amazing artists I bought prints from:


Countless vendors offered every kind of food you could hope for.

I spent a fair portion of the time in the Pop Asia area, which I usually only delve into for the food; to those who haven’t already tried them, I highly recommend the chicken skewers and the chocolate Dorayaki.  As for the music, I wouldn’t say K-Pop is my all-time favourite genre, but the songs are just so upbeat, and watching the singing and dancing was good fun.


We were determined to get photos of Kakashi from Naruto this year!

I am embarrassed to admit that I made a rookie error on the Sunday, and realised that my appalling budgeting skills had left my purse nearly empty.  I ended up splashing out a crippling £2.50 to take some money out in the con (to save the half an hour queue the free machines all seemed to have).  Honestly, will I never learn?

So, after an overindulgent weekend of food, friends and fun, I think a nap is in order… zzz…

Did anyone else go to MCM this weekend?

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