Meet Flynn!

Meet Flynn, our gorgeous Cocker Spaniel!

We were a bit nervous about picking him up a few weeks ago when the lockdown rules were stricter, as we were worried that the family would insist on a no-contact collection. We half expected to slide the money across the driveway in a box, and have them slide Flynn back to us (yeah, our imaginations ran wild). Luckily, it was much more civil than that!

Just two days old

The breeder took such good care of him before he came to us. She video called us often and messaged every few days with photos and videos as we weren’t allowed to visit due to the restrictions at the time. He came to us reasonably toilet-trained, ridiculously loved by their bustling family of children, and super chill when it comes to noises. He is completely unfazed by hoovers, hairdryers and electric toothbrushes – whaaat!

He loves to eat snails (I wish he wouldn’t). He loves to sneak bits of hamster food while I’m cleaning the cage. He loves to sleep on his back with his legs in the air like a dead sheep. He loves to bite our feet (f*cking ouch!). He loves relaxing puppy music playlists on YouTube. He loves car rides. He loves ‘sit’ and ‘paw’ but assumes it is the answer to everything we ask him to do. He loves stealing socks. He loves falling asleep under our computer chairs. He loves digging holes in plant pots and then lying in them. He loves to chase the chicken.

He hates being told to stop biting feet. He hates being run over by our computer chairs. He hates being told to stop sassing us. He hates being chased by the chicken.

We’re so excited to see how he continues to grow. It’s actually like having a little hairy baby to look after, there is so much we have to teach him, and watching him learn fills me with so much dog-mama pride!  I’ll no doubt be updating annoyingly frequently about our new little pup friend, so stay tuned…

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