Meet Skye!

Oops, we did it again…

Our hearts have been so full since we got Flynn last year, and we knew in the long-run that we wanted two dogs in our family.  When Flynn’s breeder told us his Mum was having another litter, we just couldn’t resist adding another little fluff ball to our home.

Then, along came Skye!

She is different from Flynn in every way possible (sparking some fun nature/nurture debates in the household!).  She is feisty and independent, and can get out of any enclosure we put her in.  We have witnessed her climb a vertical barrier to escape, and squeeze through a tiny gap like a hamster… she’s pretty damn determined.  It took Flynn weeks to figure out how to get onto our bed, but day one Skye marched straight over to it and clawed her way up the side of the mattress – she has some serious upper body strength.

Her and Flynn love each other so much!  Though Flynn is still learning how to share us, there are many more moments where they sleep curled up together, and there are endless, I mean endless, games of tug-of-war.  Flynn usually respects that she is weaker than him and so he never fights too hard for a toy in a tug-of-war match (in fact, sometimes he will just sit there and wait while Skye tries her hardest).

We know we’re in for another year of teething, training and stolen socks, but we learnt a lot from our year with Flynn, so we’re hoping (or rather, desperately optimistic) that things will be smoother second time round. Famous last words, eh?

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