Oceanos: A Review

I haven’t had much time for board games recently, so when I attended the board game cafe the other day, I wanted something light and quick to learn.  Skimming the shelves, Oceanos caught my eye as being a good balance between family and strategy game.

The card-drafting game sees players man a submarine, placing cards down to upgrade their vessel and ultimately score the most points at the end of three rounds.


There are extra features to keep an eye on too.  A Kraken lurks in the waters, stirred by players who place the most Kraken eyes – awakening the Kraken can lose you points, but sometimes it is a risk worth taking for an extra piece of coral, or an upgrade.


I was actually quite good at this game, which made a nice change (ha).  It took no time at all to learn (though I’ll admit to a good ten minutes of umming and ahhing over the rulebook), and I would definitely recommend it as a good family game for Christmas, as the illustrations and rules are pretty child-friendly, and it isn’t too competitive.

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