Ord is an indie game offering a number of mini text adventures.  With just one word at a time to prompt the player, you must feel your way through the story with the small amount of information you have, without any hints from sound, images, or even any colour at all.

It felt quite reminiscent to me of those early text-based roleplay games, like Zork; I think they must have taken inspiration from that, with their stark black and white background.

Though the game isn’t what I would consider a top pick, it does provide entertainment in nice, small chunks, especially as many endings can be reached after just a few minutes!  For the dedicated adventurer, if you make the right choices you can play for hours.  For completionists, there are hundreds of achievements to get by triggering certain outcomes.

Just remember though: if you pick the wrong word, you are back to the start.





For a taster, watch me get the ‘Zap’ achievement in the video below. Forests, fog and witches all in the space of a minute!





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