I Ordered 2.5kg of Pick n Mix

I recently joined TikTok, which means I’m finally discovering all those wonderful things that everyone else my age saw a year ago (haha). One of these things is Box Mix, a website specialising in good old fashioned pick n mix sweets, a novelty so difficult to find these days on the high street!  I’m sad my children will never be able to experience the joy of the pick n mix island in Woolworths (sheds tear).

Excited to stock up on some tasty treats, we ordered three different pick n mix experiences to try: the Pink Mix, the Blue Mix, and the Fizzy ‘Tikok’ Sweet Box.  This worked out at 2.5kg of pick n mix, which would probably have broken the scales if we’d bought that much directly from a shop.

Our sweeties took around a week to arrive, which they had warned about on their site. I think their TikTok fame has made them very popular; we only managed to get some sweets by ordering at midnight when they restocked. We didn’t really mind though, the wait for sugary bliss was exciting!

The Pink Mix had a lot of pink piggy faces, which made it an instant win for me.  The mushrooms and milk bottles were a *little* bit dry, but that’s pretty much my only peeve. We agreed we would get a pure 250g bag of pink piggy faces next time, as we kept greedily digging to the bottom of the bag to find more.  Neil let me eat the last pig, so 10 boyfriend points to him.

My Blue Mix had three of those giant, chewy whales (the kind that used to push your pick n mix bag over budget because of their ridiculous weight), so I was thrilled to get those as well as a nice variety of other sweeties. The brains were delicious! Braaaains…

The ‘Tikok’ Sweet Box was the pièce de résistance! Not only did we get a 500g bag of fizzies, but we also had more than a dozen lollipops and drumsticks.  The lollipops turned our tongues blue, which is always a good sign that you’re eating something with too many additives in.

We would definitely order from Box Mix again.  They have unusual drinks and American candy that is trickier to get here in the U.K, as well as fun Kitkat flavours and endless cookie dough products.  Better not tell my dentist about this…

Be like me. Buy 2.5kg of sweeties right here: https://boxmix.co.uk/

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