Planning 2022 With My Hobonichi

I love planning.

Passion Planner will forever have a soft spot in my heart as the company who taught me valuable organisation techniques in my adult life. But my friend finally persuaded me to take the plunge and try, just try, a Hobonichi for the year.  She wooed me with the level of customisation she had achieved with her Hobonichi, with so many different ways to plan including yearly, monthly, weekly and daily.

Though the pages aren’t as thick, and my favourite pens threaten to bleed through to the following day, I’m actually quite smitten by my new planner. Neil bought me an Animal Crossing cover for it, which I adore as much as his efforts to obtain it – including 3am alarms he set on his phone to try to order one despite the time difference in Japan.

New year, new planner… is there anything better? I look forward to finding new ways of organising and of finding creative ways to fill the pages.

That is why my word for 2022 is: make

(Hey just because I’m no longer using a Passion Planner doesn’t mean I have to forgo the yearly word!).

Why ‘make’?

I’ve been listening to the Creative Rebels podcast a lot recently, and they said something I completely agreed with: the purpose of life is to make.

To make relationships and families and art.

I like the idea that there is great value in successfully building something that brings joy and happiness to people. And I think there is great value in the maker getting enjoyment from this process too.  As Creative Rebels said, “I’m happiest when I’m making”.

I’d like to explore these ideas in 2022.

So… what do I want to make?

I want to make… a new home in 2022. We’ve started the mortgage process for the first time, and are finally ready to take the leap and buy ourselves a family home. It has been a hell of a learning curve, but we’re excited and anxious about this one! I want to make a space that I feel safe in, that I can be creative in, that I can raise a family in.  I’m looking forward to painting walls, hanging art prints, showing my book collection their new home.

I want to make… my body work better! I always make fitness goals with good intentions. How many years have I said I’ll lose weight and just failed miserably because honestly when it is raining outside I just want to watch Netflix with Pringles under a fluffy blanket?

I don’t want 2022 to be about losing weight, because weight loss goals are a miserable thing. Instead, I want to get on top of some of my health issues that have been plaguing me and just generally have a body that operates better.  It’s the only one I’ve got, after all!

I’d like to explore more creative fitness options too! Perhaps some fun runs or charity walks again, if Covid allows. Through 2021 I’ve enjoyed taking part in Love to Ride, a cycling challenge that has workplaces competing with each other for prizes and kudos. I’m competitive, so fitness as competition really resonated with me, and I really enjoyed seeing my name on the scoreboard!

I want to make… with purpose. One thing I achieved in 2021 that I am hugely proud of is putting on charity work events that made people happy. Seeing people smiling because of something I’ve worked on brings me so much joy and satisfaction.  I know ideas like my homeless awareness zine have potential, and I’d love to explore starting a podcast.  I’m already sending The Reapers out to agents; I just want people to enjoy what I create.  I’m looking forward to exploring what else I can do or make with the skills I have that can help others.

That’s it! I think these three will keep me busy enough.

It’s funny, I looked back over previous goals posts like this, and I saw the same themes each year: keep writing, keep being creative, keep being a good human, keep trying to make your body happy.  These have been the priorities of my 20s, for sure, and having these goals has made me try so many new experiences that have made my 20s fun and vibrant and interesting.  I know my priorities will change as I become a homeowner and enter my 30s in a few years, but I hope, like the Creative Rebels encourage so passionately, that I’m able to always find time to make.

What are your goals for 2022?

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