Postcrossing. Verdict: Addictive

Postcrossing Finland
From Finland

I have been a member of Postcrossing now for a number of years. Compared to some people, I have a relatively low level of activity: I have sent out 45 postcards and received 47 so far (though that still feels like a lot to me, especially with the price of stamps these days).  It’s difficult to gauge just how well-known the project is; it is certainly a niche interest, but one that deserves to be publicised.

From Russia

I have sent postcards to whole classes of schoolchildren, to experienced travellers, to countries I have barely even heard of before.  It’s a really addictive little hobby, and a creative way of finding out first-hand information about different cultures.

From China – my favourite postcard in my collection!

Sometimes people offer up information and statistics about their country, or fun facts about their town. Other times people can say barely more than a hello, or can list their favourite hobbies or food. You never know what you are going to receive, which is half the appeal of the project.

From Taiwan

As well as the educational benefits, I also enjoy the creative elements. Some people spend just as much time decorating the postcard as they do writing the message (I am one of these people).  It’s been really nice to have contact with people who share my love of postal exchange; there really is quite a big community on the Internet, with Postcrossing having over half a million members, and reaching 213 countries.

From Belarus – my first ever Postcrossing postcard

The only downside, like any mail project, is that you have to be comfortable giving out your address to strangers. This isn’t something I generally like doing, and I imagine one day I will invest in a P.O.Box for that added security.

From Czech Republic

Postcrossing is free to join and enormous fun:

Swap-bot is another great website for more general mail swaps.

Used Postcrossing before?  Know of any other postcard/mail exchange projects?  Comment below!

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  1. 2nd July 2015 / 12:11 pm

    I Love Post Crossing, although I have been Inactive on it now for the Past year due to my university life taking over everything eles I have only sent 28 and Have recived 35. (don;t know how those numbers work out but that is what has happend.) I want to restart it. to send and recive postcards again. Infact i might go and write some right now!

    • 2nd July 2015 / 1:01 pm

      After a bit of a Postcrossing lull, my blog post has actually encouraged me to start sending out some postcards again. Hooray for self-inspiration! I also seem to have received more than I’ve sent out (there must be a logical system to it). I’d love to see some of your postcards if you do end up sending some! :3

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