Review: Century: Golem Edition

INFO | Board Game Geek
PLAY TIME | 30-45 minutes

You may already be familiar with the Century collection, as it all began with Century: Spice Road, a family-friendly strategy game that explores the world of the spice trade.  The Golem Edition is, in essence, a remake, but focuses around a fantasy world of golems instead where the player is trading in crystals.

“Papa, where do crystal golems come from?”
“The great masters craft them using soul crystals.”

The game is fairly straightforward as there are very few rules – it’s actually one of our go-to evening games at the moment for if we fancy something light after work.  Its low complexity is reflected by the fact that players can perform just one of four actions on their turn:

  1. Play a card – these reward crystals which are stored in the player’s caravan
  2. Acquire a Merchant card – these are added to the hand to be played in future turns
  3. Rest to return all played cards to the player’s hand
  4. Claim a golem card for Victory Points – five of these trigger the end of the game

The crystals themselves are a beautiful quality, and you really do feel like you’re handling something precious when they’re sat on your caravan card capturing the light.  The card quality is nice, but really what makes this game is the stunning illustrations of the golems.  The golems are sometimes just relaxing in nature, but other times they are supporting the humans, or – as my favourite card depicts – acting as children’s play parks.

The concept is fun and whimsical, which I think makes this re-theme more family-friendly, and I do feel more engaged with the game than I did before.  Whereas I’d always felt Splendor had the edge with this kind of card game, Century: Golem Edition has swayed my judgement, and I highly recommend everyone give this one a try.

You can see my original thoughts about Century: Spice Road right here, but I do recommend this newer version over the old one.

What are your thoughts on this new Century edition?

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