Roll for the Galaxy

Roll for the Galaxy

Recently we visited Twist for the first time – Plymouth’s first board game cafe.  We signed up as members earlier in the year to support the opening of the cafe, and were thrilled to finally collect our membership cards and try out the space.  It is the third board game cafe I have tried now in the South West, and I think it definitely gives Board in Exeter a run for its money.

If you get the chance to visit, I recommend their delicious carrot cake and their wonderfully gooey gluten free brownies.  I also recommend giving Roll for the Galaxy a shot, a fun space game of dice, where players must roll every turn to create workers who will help them to develop their galactic civilisation.  This was the first game we played at Twist, and as the shop hasn’t been open for too long, we were lucky that the game was still fairly shiny and new in its box.

Once rolled, workers in the game can do one of a number of actions, as follows:

  • Explore – scout for new tiles or gain Galactic Credits
  • Develop – develop a technology tile
  • Settle – settle on a world tile
  • Produce – produce goods
  • Ship – trade goods for Credits or consume a good for Victory Points

Decisions are made behind a screen, meaning the allocation of workers has to be done in private – no cheating!  This keeps things really interesting, and where paying close attention to the game is really important.  If another player looks like they need to ship some goods, then there is a good chance they will activate that action, leaving you space to focus some workers elsewhere.

Roll for the Galaxy

The game is ended when all victory points available have been awarded to players, or when a player has 13 tiles on the board.  Points are counted, and like usual, the player with the greatest number (or, should I say, greatest civilisation) wins.  During our game at Twist, my friend won with a ridiculously high score – the second time he has utterly beaten me at this game now.  I’ll beat you one day, Aaron!

Roll for the Galaxy

I like the idea of the dice being a sort of currency that can be spent on actions.  There has been a lot of thought put into making the game fair, such as the cardboard screens with a paraphrased version of what a player can do, meaning you aren’t constantly reaching for the rule book.  I also like that players are never left in a position of having no workers; if a player’s Galactic Credit supply depletes to 0, then it will always shift back up to 1 at the end of the turn, meaning at the very least a player will have one dice to roll.  I just think that is a really generous rule that means a game never grows stagnant.

Whereas I can’t say this is as strong a dice game as Dice Forge, it still stands out as a good strategy game, and I’ll certainly be playing it again.

Also, make sure to swing by Twist if you are ever in Plymouth.  They have a great variety of games, and we also played Cryptid and Small World during our four hour stay.  You can see a list of their extensive board game library here:

Happy gaming!

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