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I  have tried a lot of new games over the past few months, and made so many great memories.  Now life feels more settled, I am really enjoying putting my hours into one of my favourite hobbies.  I wanted to share those gaming experiences that really stood out from the bunch, and offer a few recommendations along the way.

Dark Souls Board Game

I first played the Dark Souls Board Game in June after Neil picked up a copy from the UK Games Expo.  There are an awful lot of rules, and getting our heads around how combat worked took a whole evening – and it was pretty important to get right, since it formed the entirety of gameplay!  For those familiar with the franchise, you’ll know that the Dark Souls video game is infamous for its level of difficulty and punishing boss fights.  The board game was no different – moving through rooms with an unknown quantity of enemies awaiting us, we had to pace ourselves, building up our strength through weapon and armour upgrades until we felt confident taking on a boss.

In July, we finally managed to finish a game of Dark Souls!  It was an epic moment when we killed the final boss, as we had been divided in the group over whether our equipment was good enough to tackle something so difficult.  Turns out, the boss was actually easier than our mini boss, The Gargoyle, and we obtained a victory without taking too many hits!


My friend took the leap and purchased Gloomhaven recently, the #1 rated game on Board Game Geek, and something that has been on our radar for months now.  Four of us have worked through half a dozen scenarios now, and it’s been such an impressive experience so far – the box comes with special folders for each character, maps, figures, tons of unlockable content.  I play as the Cragheart, an elemental race made of rock who are strong (but slow, so slow!).

After our first trial play, our DM asked if any of us wanted to switch characters before we really got stuck into the game, and I said absolutely not – having a hybrid of skills, combining brute strength, a little bit of earth magic and healing abilities makes for one of the most well-rounded characters, and I’m confident that my Craghart will continue to get stronger and stronger.  We are all completely addicted, and I can’t wait to play more!

Fallout 76

I really got back into Fallout 76 this last month or so.  The game is set to receive a few major updates this year, after feedback about the latest installation in the franchise prompted the developers to make some major changes.  Either way, I’ve been enjoying the game regardless, and I wrote this post about the weird and wonderful moments I’d had since I started the game.

Diablo 3

Diablo 3 is my current video game obsession, and it’s great to have a dedicated team of my friends on board.  We battled through the last season just before it finished, which now means we have a whole new season to play!  Last season I played a wizard for the first time, and fell in love with the range of skills available (and this gorgeous seasonal armour). 

Yesterday I finally completed the seasonal armour for my necromancer – I love the plague-doctor style of this look!  As well as the really cool armour, this game has a great storyline, beautiful cut scenes and an active community.

Dicey Dungeons

Dicey Dungeons was a game I wasn’t expecting to fall in love with over the summer.  This quirky indie game has players running through dungeons as dice, fighting bizarre creatures along the way.  It has so much charm, I recommend it for anyone who likes dice and card games.

What games have you been enjoying this summer?

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