The Curation of Magical Curiosities Box: Christmas Edition

Please note: this post contains spoilers for the 2019 Christmas Edition of The Curation of Magical Curiosities box.

I stopped getting subscription boxes a couple of years ago, when I needed a break from filling my house with random things I wasn’t sure I needed. Recently though, I realised that one of my favourite YouTubers had started her own subscription box, and since it was Christmas, I figured I would support her by ordering a box.

The Curation of Magical Curiosities is a monthly box produced by Cherry Wallis, in collaboration with Geek Gear. The box is inspired by Cherry’s passion for the Harry Potter franchise, which appealed to me as I’ve always had an appreciation for the Wizarding World. I still remember going to see the Philosopher’s Stone in the cinema for a school trip and arguing with a girl in the playground over the pronunciation of ‘Hermione’.

As I ordered the Maxima box, I received some additional items to the standard box, though I’m not entirely sure which items were the extra ones!  Excitingly, as it was Christmas, everything inside was wrapped up specially, many in present-styled cardboard boxes. This extra effort in packaging made it feel like I had a whole load of extra presents to open, especially as I unboxed on Christmas day.

I’ve already worn this scarf half a dozen times over Christmas – it’s so soft!

Sadly I didn’t get photos of everything as I’ve taken some of the pieces into work in preparation for Harry Potter Book Night, but what I can say is that I was impressed by the quality of every single item.  Items not included in the photos include a handpainted print of a howler, a Remembrall (it hasn’t turned red yet!), a Yule Ball poster (I’m not too fond of this, but it does look nice), a beautiful gold-foiled Yule Ball invitation, a flying key ornament and a festive wreath enamel pin.

This Yule Ball pumpkin juice bottle is beautiful – it didn’t come with the fairy lights, but I wanted to do something special with it.

In true Cherry fashion, I had to mention my favourites: for me the stand-out items were the scarf, the gloves (which fit perfectly), and the Yule Ball invitation (that I’ll absolutely be framing).  It’s really refreshing to get so many practical items in a subscription box – I hope this is a theme that will continue through the rest of Cherry’s boxes.

Overall, this has been the strongest subscription box I have ever received.  Honestly, it comes with a mighty price tag – I think we paid just under £50 for it (ouch) – but as a one-off, I was really excited about opening it. I couldn’t afford to treat myself every month (luckily Neil very kindly gifted this one for me as a Christmas present), but I will definitely be keeping an eye out for the different themes and might occasionally put in an order if one catches my eye.

If you’re interested in Cherry’s videos, you can view her many, many Harry Potter unboxings on her YouTube channel.

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