The House of the Tailor of Gloucester

I recently visited the city of Gloucester, a city with a rich Roman history, residing in the South West of England.  I was travelling to see friends, to experience a new city, but secretly, secretly, I was most excited about seeing the House of the Tailor of Gloucester.

The story goes that one Saturday night a tailor left his shop, a waistcoat unfinished within.  Come Monday morning, the waistcoat was mysteriously complete, all but one button, with a note saying “no more twist” attached.  Though I believe it was later found to be two workers who had done some overtime in secret to avoid being seen on Sunday in town, Beatrix Potter was inspired by the story nonetheless, and chose it as the setting for her book, The Tailor of Gloucester.

The shop is down a quaint little lane between the high street and the Cathedral.  Admittedly, the first time I walked down there, I walked straight past it, distracted at the time by the arts and crafts shop on the other side of the street.  The building is part shop, part museum, with information dotted around the walls, items in cabinets, and literally every surface covered with memorabilia.  It was almost overwhelming how much could be fit into such a small space!

It’s only a small thing, fifteen minutes of your day, but if you are in Gloucester, I recommend popping in and having a look around.  There’s some sweet Beatrix Potter souvenirs and entry to the museum part of the building is (miraculously) absolutely free!

Check out the shop’s website for more information.

Happy travels!

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