The Reapers – Draft 1 Complete & Inspiration

I did it; draft 1 is complete!  I’m finally happy with the order of events, and there are more scenes than not that I’m reading and just enjoying them as a reader, rather than over-analysing them as a writer.  A lot of it moves me, which is what I hope happens when others read it too.  I’m going to be going back to the beginning now and fine-tuning everything.  I know this will take a while, but when I get focused on something, there’s little else I want to do!

See my original post for how I ended up working on this project again.

So, to get me through these final editing stages, I’ve got a playlist on the go.  These are songs that have inspired my writing from the outset, some that are just thematically so close to my story, and others that just make me feel really strongly, which helps me to write.  I’ll admit, several of these songs have made it into the soundtrack of the movie already.  I used to daydream about scenes from my writing during long car journeys; with music playing, I’d piece the scenes together to fit the songs.  When I write things like that, I wonder why I let it take so long to finish this project.

I also have an ancient Pinterest board that I created a few years ago, that I’m pleased to say still stands up today.  It’s full of the twisted, earthy shapes of the Reapers.

I’ll be using NaNoWriMo in November, and all the inspiring resources (namely the KEEP GOING, YOU CAN DO IT messages), to finish things up… so close now!

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