The Reapers… What if the monsters were real?

When Caitlin goes through a traumatic accident in her early teens, her world is never the same.  Frightening monsters begin to seep into the everyday, watching from shop windows and the corners of therapist’s offices, a constant reminder of that terrible day.

Then, something changes.  The monsters begin to communicate, a message for Caitlin that hints at something mysterious happening at the elusive Ridgemond Manor.  There she finds others like her, outcasts who have a special gift, granted to them by a rogue supernatural entity known only as the Reaper.

Thrown into the underground practice of soul reaping, Caitlin begins to learn that nothing she has seen is coincidence.  The monsters are real, and they are dangerous – and she must face the awful events of her past to get out alive.

No, this isn’t what it looks like, though I’d love to say I was getting published!

Since I started The Reapers over six years ago, it has gone the same way that most books do: it was shelved.  I started working more, I got tired, I went through relationship changes, I met new friends.  Unsurprisingly, all of these things disrupt creativity, and though I didn’t forget about it, I just lost enthusiasm for the project.

And then… I finally decided to finish it.  Some serious short-staffing at work led us to booking in a lady I hadn’t seen in about half a decade.  Somehow, she had remembered that I was writing a book – I don’t recall telling her, but it must have slipped into conversation at some point.  One of the first things she asked me after 5 years was whether I had finished the book.

What book? I said, confused.  Then, oh, that book.

So I’ve decided to finish it.  Then, send it out into the world and see what happens.  It doesn’t have to be a bestseller, or even a seller at all to be honest.  It would just be a big ol’ tick off the bucket list to have even tried.  It means next time I’m asked about it, I don’t have to dismiss it.  I will have a bit more of a story to tell.  Maybe I’ll even go down the self-publishing route, who knows!

So, what’s next?  I’m smoothing out a few scenes, but most of what is down I’m happy with.  Incredible really, when I can spend ages at work rephrasing even the most simple of emails.

This has been years in the making, an idea older than my career in libraries, and even this blog!  I look forward to tying up this loose end and seeing where it takes me…

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